We are very happy about the golden key of the first international competition “Der Raum” of CommClubs Bayern e.V. in the category “Nachwuchs”.

We are proud to present resonate in Karlsruhe.

More than 2.000 visitors each of the 7 days. A great feedback and excellent report on TV. We are overwhelmed and want to thank everyone that got in touch with resonate. A special thanks goes to all our sponsors and partners, especially to Karl Strack, the owner of our boat.


The light and sound installation, “resonate,” is an interdisciplinary project between the Master students of the program “Interior Design- Spatial Communication” University of Applied Sciences Mainz and the Master program “Sound Art – Composition” Johannes Gutenberg University. This project is sponsored by the Gutenberg Lehrkolleg of the University in Mainz, as a part of the ”Innovative Teaching Projects“ program, with generous support from Strack Logistics e.K. and Zumtobel Lighting GmbH.

resonate team

resonate – interactive light & sound installation – FH Mainz Version from Thomas Ebert on
resonate – interactive light & sound installation by
Thomas Ebert

resonate – interactive sound & light installation

The 40 meter long interior of a container ship in the centre of Frankfurt in Holbeinsteg becomes an interactive light and sound display. A glowing string structure is floating inside the steel hull and generates atmospheric sounds and images. With the help of digital LED light and sound the visitors experience this space as an interactive three-dimensional spatial composition.

Pictures: Martina Pipprich

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First impressions of our opening

Video: Thomas Ebert

Link to reports about resonate on television

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